Candles as Gifts

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We all love getting a candle!

It's official, Candles are “always acceptable and highly appreciated” gifts!

According to Forbes magazine, a quality candle is a gift that is unique and thoughtful – which everyone appreciates.

75% of consumers spend up to $200 a year on candles, and what we know from, the largest USA candle association, is this:

Who Buys Candles?

As one of life's little luxuries, candles are purchased at about the same rate across all income levels, among all ethnicities, and at all educational levels - with women in their 20s to 40s being the primary candle buyers.

64% of consumers have given candles as a gift - which makes it a leading item alongside chocolates and flowers.

And just in time for Christmas, 35% of all candle purchases are made for gifting. To help make gifting easier, HartCo. offers a comprehensive Scent List to help find the perfect match for every member of the family. Plus, purchase a Gift Box and add a gift card with a personal message for a beautiful package ready to put under the tree.

Which Candle?

75% of customers purchase candles based on scent, and rate scent as the most important determinant when selecting.

HartCo. offers a choice of 25 scents with detailed descriptions, and a personalised Scent Quiz can help you in your choice.

Our Top 5 Scents for 2021:


How We Use Candles

42% of buyers use their candles in the lounge, 18% in the kitchen, and 13% in the bedroom - and we're using them the week we receive them!

We burn candles for up to 4 hours at a time - so our large candles with up to 80 hours burn time can offer enjoyment over and over again!

Click HERE to explore our selection - and happy gifting!

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