Top 5 Must Have Winter Scents

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It's no secret that the seasons can affect the scents we are naturally drawn to. In Summer and Spring we gravitate towards fresh, fruity, and floral scents that mirror what we are experiencing in the world outside. As we head into the cooler months, just as we develop a taste for comforting warm foods, we tend to prefer comforting warm scents in our home. Here are HartCo's top 5 Winter scents to warm your home and help you settle in...

French Pear

One of our spice favourites, this scent blends cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla with a green pear heart. Perfect for those craving spiced apple crumble and ice cream. 

Available in: 400g candlereed diffusersoy melts

Lemongrass & Ginger

This scent combines healing ingredients used to combat winter sickness for thousands of years. With ginger and eucalyptus at its heart and a base of rosewood and herbs, this concoction will have your home smelling healthy and wholesome.

Available in: 400g candlereed diffusersoy melts

Sandalwood & Vanilla

A perfectly woody and warm scent, combining fresh hay, tobacco leaf and liquorice with a vanilla, musk and sandalwood base. This is perfect for those who wish they had an open fire.

Available in: 400g candle, reed diffuser, soy melts

Vanilla Caramel

Here's what we're all waiting for: the sweet treat choice. Vanilla Caramel is one of our best sellers for good reason! This fragrance captures buttery caramel and creamy vanilla, balanced with coconut and tonka bean. Definitely the tastiest option on this list, you'll have neighbours wondering what you're cooking that smells so delicious. 

Available in: 400g candlereed diffusersoy melts

Pink Pepper & Cedarwood

For perfume lovers, this scent is a warm and spicy fragrance inspired by YSL's Black Opium. With notes of coffee, white flowers, and vanilla, this is a distinct scent that will make your home smell simply gorgeous.

Available in: 400g candlereed diffusersoy melts

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